victorian style furniture from chesterton

Victorian 3-Piece Set

Previously dressed in a velvety floral pattern, the Victorian 3-piece set was ready for a new look. Desiring a matching set, the Chesterton customer settled on a cornflower blue fabric for all three pieces. We stripped away the old, removing the previous fabric, stain and sealant, to make room for the new. Then, we curated the pieces for longevity and to fit the customer’s comfort level and style.  

Once the 3-piece set returned home with our complimentary delivery, the customer was 100% satisfied with our work and even praised us later. In an email she wrote: 

“Your work is phenomenal! I absolutely love it all!”  

– Amy B. from Chesterton, Indiana 

Thank you for your kind words, Amy! We hope this updated look will satisfy you for many, many years to come. 

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