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The Best Brands for Recliners and What to Look for

Recliners have been a popular choice for centuries. This elevated armchair or sofa gives people the option to lay back and relax by lowering the backrest and raising the footrest. Some modern recliners feature an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, heat or massage. However, depending on the recliner, they may not last as long as you would believe. A neighbor of mine asked which brand is the best when purchasing a recliner. I hope you find my response to her helpful in your search for a new recliner.

The Best Recliner Brands Around

While there are plenty of brands to consider, I would consider La-Z-Boy and Ethan Allen to be the best for recliners. La-Z-Boy and Ethan Allen are two brands customers have had zero to minimal problems for the first ten years.

Known for their high-quality recliners, La-Z-Boy has been one of the world’s leading residential furniture products for 90 years. It started when cousins, Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch, designed the reclining wood-slat chair in 1927. This design launched the world-renowned La-Z-Boy brand and the innovation of the iconic recliner.

Ethan Allen began when Nat Ancell and Ted Baumritter purchased a bankrupt sawmill for $25,000. They went from selling plaster gnomes, trellises, and garden swings made by someone else to manufacturing home furnishings three years later. Improving their furniture to fit their audiences’ needs, Ethan Allen continues to stand for quality and innovation.

What Makes These Brands the Best for Recliners?

La-Z-Boy and Ethan Allen were born in a time where furniture was made with experienced craftmanship and quality materials. Though the furniture environment changed, these two brands stayed true to their expertise. Their furniture is made with strong, durable frames, reliable seat supports, firm insulation, and genuine fabric.

Higher-Grade Recliners are Made for Longevity

Firstly, the frames should be made of more hardwood and plywood with little to zero particleboard. Then, the seat support should have front to back stiff springs held in place by a hardwood frame. Afterwards, the insulator, which keeps the padding from going into the springs, is secured over the seat support. A good insulator provides support for the padding so a person can sit comfortably for an evening of their favorite television shows.

Finally, the fabric should be able to withstand moving and shifting. Most fabric issues I have seen is imitation leather separating from its backing. I recommend investing in full grain or top grain leather first and foremost. However, as an alternative, Naugahyde, Boltaflex, and Spradling can be trustworthy imitation leather. In Which Is Built to Last: Full Grain, Top Grain or Bonded Leather?, I dive deeper into what quality leather looks like.

How Can You Tell a Recliner Is Made to Standard?

Inspect the piece of furniture you are interested in purchasing. Carefully read the label or literature describing the recliner and its parts. You can also tip the recliner to one side to get a closer look at how the frame and seat support is made. Be thorough in your inspection to ensure the piece is worth your investment.

If a recliner is made well, it will last decades, saving you money in the long run. In addition, we will be able to restore the piece when it does start showing signs of wear and tear. With that said, it is your choice and preference on which recliner to have in your home.

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