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Furniture Repair
Flawless repairs to make your pieces as good as new.

Trust the Furniture Repair Experts

Serving Valparaiso, Crown Point and Michigan City

Over the course of eighty years in business, Furniture Werks has seen and repaired it all. Trust our craftsmen to take the time and care your piece deserves to restore it to like new condition. 

Our Furniture Repair Process

If furniture joints are loose, our experts will carefully disassemble the piece, thoroughly cleaning and removing old glue residue. We will then reassemble the piece, gluing and clamping to ensure a strong bond. If joints are worn, epoxy is used to fill the space between the pieces and create a solid, more permanent joint.

If your piece has broken legs, arms, seats or tabletops, we will craft a replacement and replace the damaged parts, skillfully matching the species, patina and finish to the existing wood. Once completed and returned, the only person who will ever know your furniture has been repaired will be you.

furniture repair

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Every piece is unique. Please review our pricing guidelines, then submit a request for an estimate by giving us a brief description of your needs and uploading a few pictures of your piece.

See What We Can Do

Scroll through to see some of our favorite furniture repair projects.

What Can You Do with Unwanted Old Furniture?
There are many reasons for wanting to get rid of furniture. Purchasing a new piece is one. Another is downsizing, in which the furniture is not needed any longer. A familiar tale we hear is the new owner of a … What Can You Do with Unwanted Old Furniture? Read More...
Which Is Built to Last: Full Grain, Top Grain or Bonded Leather?
Within the past year, numerous customers have shared pictures of their headboards, recliner styled chairs and sofas with the “leather” upholstery literally peeling away from the fabric underneath. They state that the damage started within a few short years of … Which Is Built to Last: Full Grain, Top Grain or Bonded Leather? Read More...
Sheet Caned Bar Stool
These bar stools belong to a customer in Valparaiso, Indiana, hoping to use them in her kitchen. Restoring the unraveled webbing takes precision and care. First, we gently removed the old, damaged webbing and replaced it with a sheet cane. Manufactured … Sheet Caned Bar Stool Read More...
A Curlicue Settee Comes Out of Storage
We recently repaired, refinished and reupholstered this unique project. After the frame broke, the chairs were put in storage, out of sight, but not forgotten. The owner, who remembers it as a child, couldn’t see this family heirloom’s life end, … A Curlicue Settee Comes Out of Storage Read More...
Small Table
After a thorough stripping and refinishing, we were really able to bring out the warmth and richness of the wood in this well-loved small table for a family from Portage, Indiana. ...
What to do with an old TV console?
This was the question our customer asked. They’ve had the console since the late 60’s. It had served well as an entertainment center with its radio, turntable and TV. And all that entertainment was housed in a beautiful solid wood … What to do with an old TV console? Read More...
Baby Rocker Restored
With a baby on the way, our customer brought in this child’s rocker to see if it could be restored. It was in pieces, the caned seat shot and one leg held together with string. Before any repairs are made, … Baby Rocker Restored Read More...
Corner Desk Salvaged
Sometimes people wonder if damaged pieces are salvageable. This corner desk was one such piece. It suffered from water damage – loose veneer, warped wood, missing trip pieces, drawer fronts off their drawers, damaged finish. After stripping the remaining finish, … Corner Desk Salvaged Read More...
Repairing a Damaged Headboard
An old headboard and foot board came to us with severe veneer damage and loose or missing trim. The photo clearly shows the damaged veneer that needed to be replaced. The damage is cut out with straight lines and the … Repairing a Damaged Headboard Read More...
Side by Side Rescue
This side by side was rescued from a barn and then spent many years in the family garage. When we were called for restoration it was in sad shape: loose and missing veneer, missing hardware, binding drawers and doors, missing … Side by Side Rescue Read More...
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