What to do with an old TV console?

This was the question our customer asked. They’ve had the console since the late 60’s. It had served well as an entertainment center with its radio, turntable and TV. And all that entertainment was housed in a beautiful solid wood cabinet they were proud to display in their home. Updating their technology left them with the cabinet they were reluctant to add to a land fill. They asked if it was possible to convert the console into a buffet type storage piece for their dining room?

The first thing we did was remove all the old wiring, TV tube, turntable, radio, speakers and back.

The inside was lined with thin furniture grade plywood to give it a clean, smooth appearance. A new back was installed.

The fixed, louvered ends which used to hide speakers were removed and converted into doors to allow access to the bottom storage area.

The center area where the TV tube had been was measured and doors ordered to enclose the center area for storage. A style was ordered to compliment the louvered doors.

The top areas which had housed the turntable and radio were lined and now provided easily accessed top storage for small items.

The whole piece was then finished in a beautiful walnut color.

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