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Our build quality is much higher than other "Ikea" type brands.

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Our restored furniture lasts about twice as long as a newly purchased piece elsewhere.

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We can make heirlooms look brand new and allow them to stay in the family for years!

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Furniture Repair and Refinishing Services

We Repair Your Damaged Furniture Better Than New

Furniture that has been damaged can be problematic to match in regards to colors, stains, wood grains and etched designs. We can help your furniture look like new again because we bring years of experience to the table working with antique, vintage, modern and commercial pieces. We carefully match your damaged furniture’s design so closely, others will most likely not be able to tell it was broken in the first place. After your piece is repaired, you can choose to have a protective finish applied in order to protect it from surface scratches, general ware and improve all around durability. Along with our master craftsmen (view our team), we also have a professional upholster on staff that can help you breathe life into old dingy fabric. View our upholstery page here!

Protect Furniture You Love From Future Damage

A furniture finish has two functions: To protect the wood and to enhance its appearance. Without the protection of a finish, the wood surface becomes soiled, dull, and grayish looking. At times, the soil penetrates below the surface and never comes out, leaving dark blotches and rings. On woods like walnut, mahogany, and cherry, a finish really shows off the rich grain contrasts. We can help repair and refinish your antique furniture to it’s original luster.

Making furniture new again!

"Before & After" a visit to Furniture Werks

My Dad’s Roll Top Desk

This is the before and after of my roll top desk.  My dad obtained it during the 1930’s and used it daily till the 70’s.  The dark color is the result of oxidation and atmosphere soil.  When I relocated to Michigan Blvd in 1988, Dad gave it to me.  I refinished it then and have…

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Baby Rocker Restored

With a baby on the way, our customer brought in this child’s rocker to see if it could be restored. It was in pieces, the caned seat shot and one leg held together with string. Before any repairs are made, pieces are stripped of old finish. Once the finish was off, the base was knocked…

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Corner Desk Salvaged

Sometimes people wonder if damaged pieces are salvageable. This corner desk was one such piece. It suffered from water damage – loose veneer, warped wood, missing trip pieces, drawer fronts off their drawers, damaged finish. After stripping the remaining finish, restoration began. We replaced any frame wood too damaged for repair, reglued and stabilized the…

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Repairing a Damaged Headboard

An old headboard and foot board came to us with severe veneer damage and loose or missing trim. The photo clearly shows the damaged veneer that needed to be replaced. The damage is cut out with straight lines and the new veneer cut exactly to fit. The loose trim is then reapplied.The veneer then needs…

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Restoring a Tea Cart

Surprise! A family heirloom, this tea cart was graciously lent to a friend for an extended length of time. They accepted his offer to refinish the cart never expecting it to be returned with a white crackle finish. We were asked to return the cart to the original finish and color, sans the crackle! A…

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Side by Side Rescue

This side by side was rescued from a barn and then spent many years in the family garage. When we were called for restoration it was in sad shape: loose and missing veneer, missing hardware, binding drawers and doors, missing shelves, warped and loose backs, loose joints and a damaged mirror. After stripping the old…

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Refinishing Woodwork

White paint looks so fresh and clean until it gets old, then it tends to yellow and chip! A service we offer, which doesn’t get much attention, is refinishing woodwork. This pile of 6 doors, nearly 100 feet of baseboard and over 100 feet of new quarter-round trim was brought in after the owner tried…

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Hardwood Chair

You’d be surprised how many times we regretfully hear, “I didn’t know it could have been repaired!” A split seat threatened to reduce a set of eight chairs to a set of seven. When the seat was turned over, a previous “repair” was visible. To properly repair the seat splits, dowels need to be inserted…

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Heirloom Child’s Rocker

Our customer wanted to display the family heirloom as part of her room décor and provide a fun chair for her grandkids when they visit. As you can see in the before picture, it had been well used. We removed the old fabric and padding and tightened the frame. The wood rockers were refinished to…

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Classically Styled Sitting Chair

Dated fabric was just one problem for this classically styled sitting chair. At some point in its history, a resourceful do-it-yourselfer reupholstered the chair. We had never seen fabric used quite like this for spring webbing before, but had to admire its patchwork quilt look! After removing all the old fabric and padding, the frame…

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Give us a call or send us an email to describe your project. Send pictures of your furniture repair/refinish job to our specialists for a quick estimate. We can then pick-up your furniture at your location or you can drop it off at our facility. We require a down payment to start the job and the other half upon completion.

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We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Warranty! We stand behind our work because we know we have the best Master Craftsman in the Area throughout NWI Indiana and Chicago  

Tips From Lou's Corner

Things We Find

We Find Amazing Things In Furniture That You Drop Off We were recently working on a spinette desk when we found an aged leather folder. It contained WWII documents of a GI. It will be returned to the owners of the desk, who told us that it has been in their family for some time.…

The Gold Standard of Sofas

Know Your Furniture Springs In the industry, 8-way hand tied coil springs are the gold standard of quality in sofas and easy chairs. Our team has have heard about it, but we tend to purchase other seating because of lower purchase cost and a sales person’s claim that the coil springs have no advantage over…

Customer Service

Spare Parts May Actually Be Available From Your Furniture Manufacturer Buying new furniture is great! However, over time it tends to wear down and within the first few years cushion fabric can become ruined, chair legs break, and a multitude of other tragedies can happen. The question we get asked most is “can salvage the…