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High quality furniture restoration & repair in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland

Why refinish your furniture?


Our build quality is much higher than other "Ikea" type brands.

Our history...


Our restored furniture lasts about twice as long as a newly purchased piece elsewhere.

One sofa's story...


We can make heirlooms look brand new and allow them to stay in the family for years!

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Furniture Repair and Refinishing Services

We Repair Your Damaged Furniture Better Than New

Furniture that has been damaged can be problematic to match in regards to colors, stains, wood grains and etched designs. We can help your furniture look like new again because we bring years of experience to the table working with antique, vintage, modern and commercial pieces. We carefully match your damaged furniture’s design so closely, others will most likely not be able to tell it was broken in the first place. After your piece is repaired, you can choose to have a protective finish applied in order to protect it from surface scratches, general ware and improve all around durability. Along with our master craftsmen (view our team), we also have a professional upholster on staff that can help you breathe life into old dingy fabric. View our upholstery page here!

Protect Furniture You Love From Future Damage

A furniture finish has two functions: To protect the wood and to enhance its appearance. Without the protection of a finish, the wood surface becomes soiled, dull, and grayish looking. At times, the soil penetrates below the surface and never comes out, leaving dark blotches and rings. On woods like walnut, mahogany, and cherry, a finish really shows off the rich grain contrasts. We can help repair and refinish your antique furniture to it’s original luster.

Starting Our Process Is Easy


Furniture On-Site Pick-Up Available!

Give us a call or send us an email to describe your project. Send pictures of your furniture repair/refinish job to our specialists for a quick estimate. We can then pick-up your furniture at your location or you can drop it off at our facility. We require a down payment to start the job and the other half upon completion.

We Accept Cash, Checks, and Visa and Master Card!


Our Satisfaction Warranty


We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Warranty! We stand behind our work because we know we have the best Master Craftsman in the Area throughout NWI Indiana and Chicago  

Tips From Lou's Corner

Things We Find

We Find Amazing Things In Furniture That You Drop Off We were recently working on a spinette desk when we found an aged leather folder. It contained WWII documents of a GI. It will be returned to the owners of the desk, who told us that it has been in their family for some time.…

The Gold Standard of Sofas

Know Your Furniture Springs In the industry, 8-way hand tied coil springs are the gold standard of quality in sofas and easy chairs. Our team has have heard about it, but we tend to purchase other seating because of lower purchase cost and a sales person’s claim that the coil springs have no advantage over…

Customer Service

Spare Parts May Actually Be Available From Your Furniture Manufacturer Buying new furniture is great! However, over time it tends to wear down and within the first few years cushion fabric can become ruined, chair legs break, and a multitude of other tragedies can happen. The question we get asked most is “can salvage the…