Our Magic Glue

Our Magic Glue And All It’s Secrets

More often than not, the broken furniture we are asked to repair has been worked on by someone else. Joints and holes are overflowing with hardened glue that had been applied in excess. The attempted repair failed and a customer asks us to use our “magic” glue to achieve the repair.

Well, we are here to tell you that there really isn’t a secret glue. Sure there is a range in quality when choosing types, brands, and other factors of wood glue. But the real secret to gluing is not the glue, it is the preparation and clamping. If there is not a clean flat surface or if the clamps are not properly applied the repair will fail. Also, making sure there is a nice flat surface for the glue to bind is also an important factor.

Applying excess glue to joints is only making more work for the repair person attempting to fix the furniture piece. The hardened glue has to be cleaned out before re-gluing and clamping can be successful. If the joints are coming loose from your furniture, and you have doubts about making effective repairs, call upon your furniture professional. If you are attempting the repairs on your own, this article should have shed some inside into getting started in the right direction.

If you were wondering where to find a furniture repair specialist, we are definitely qualified to be that professional!