Know Your Furniture Cushions


As I was evaluating Mrs. Smith’s sofa for reupholstery, she asked what we could do with her back cushions. They had become rumpled, bloated in the center, felt lumpy and would not fluff up. She brought in her outdoor chaise cushions in the hopes to safe them because she was tired of having to purchase a new set annually. Before the end of the season, her cushions became flat and uncomfortable.

Upon opening up both cushions, it was easy to determine the filling in each was all polyester fiber filled. Polyester fiber fill is used as upholstery padding and filling for cushions. Initially it feels luxuriously soft, but after usage it loses its feel and good looks.

It is used because it meets the marketing requirements for low cost. Customers, like the lady above, are quickly disappointed with the performance of their fiber fill cushions.

Both sets of cushions had their fillings replaced with a combination of soft HR foam with a wrap of fiber fill. The HR foam acts like a frame keeping the cushion’s shape and prevents it from becoming flat and rumpled. The fiber fill wrap gives it the plump look and soft sinking feel.

Initially, foam and fiber fill is a more expensive cushion fill. In the long run, it is the better value as your cushions will retain their shape and feel for a much longer time.

Remember, when shopping, be aware that lower cost isn’t always a better value.