Sinking Seats

What To Do With Sinking Seats

Sinking seats in sofas and chairs are most likely caused by either worn out foam or seat supports. Replacing the foam is the easiest and least costly option to the furniture owner. In order to make sure worn out foam is the culprit, we have sample seat cushions that people can take home to see if there is any improvement in overall cushion elasticity. If your furniture is noticeably better then it may be time for a reupholstery or cushion replacement job.

There are two main grades of foam, firmness and resilience. HR or high resilience foam retains its feel and ability to bounce back much longer than non HR foam. From there, one makes a selection of soft, medium or firm. This is where sample cushions are valuable. You get to choose which is most comfortable. If there is significant improvement to your comfort with the sample cushion, then a much more costly rebuilding of seat springs are avoided.

Due to the higher cost of HR foam, not all furniture manufacturers and/or upholstery shops use HR foam. One needs to rely upon the reputation of the factory or upholstery shop that you will have the quality foam in your cushions.