Is Quality Furniture Worth the Price?

You get what you pay for: it’s a saying that has been true for quite a long time. Nowadays, we seem to gravitate towards the price rather than the quality in our purchasing decisions. If someone sees a price difference, they will choose the lowest priced item without hesitation. With that said, there’s a consequence to purchasing low cost furniture. Consumer forums express dissatisfaction with furniture purchases that needed repair or were damaged beyond repair within a few years. That’s because low cost furniture typically is not made to last.

Three Considerations for Quality Furniture

We specialize in restoring antique furniture that was built to be reused over and over again through generations. Our customers return to update their great grandmother’s rocking chair or remove the wear and tear in a dining table. So, we’ve seen a thing or two about what is and isn’t quality. In furniture, quality has three main components: durability, comfort and appearance.

1. Durability

Durability is the reason our customers keep coming back with the same piece of furniture asking for reupholstery, refinishing and repair. When pieces are more durable, we are able to restore furniture because the frame is strong enough to handle the restoration process. In a higher quality piece, construction methods and supplies that provide a longer lasting frame cost more in time and material. But is it worth it? Yes, because with proper care, quality furniture can last more than 100 years.

2. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, it’s all about the seat. How long can you sit at a table chatting with a friend or family member before your bottom is numb? What about sitting on the couch as you watch a movie? The support for the cushion and the cushion filling determines comfort. Better seat cushion support minimizes the sinking feeling when sitting for a long time. A foam filling costs more to make, but maintains your comfort long after the low-cost foam is worn out.

3. Appearance

Appearance is craftsmanship. When looking for furniture, we search for a certain style to match the room the piece will sit in. We look at the grain under the finish, the upholstery and the seams. Yet, we should also consider the use of the piece, because the appearance should bear the use of the furniture. How long will the finish protect the surface from normal use? A higher quality piece of furniture will look the part and stand the test of time.

Quality Furniture Is Worth the Price

In order for furniture to have a supportive cushion, strong frame and a crafted look, the supplies and time to produce quality increase the cost. There is a business model that promotes lower prices to gain a greater market share. The lower cost is achieved by using lower cost supplies and taking shortcuts in construction. If you are interested in a piece of furniture that is created to last for generations to come, then you should consider durability, comfort and appearance in your decision.

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