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How to Choose the Best Furniture Restoration Shop For Your Beloved Piece

Every year, a few customers come in to discuss their disappointment with a refinishing or reupholstery project from another furniture restoration shop. Some say that the padding has gone flat or it’s the wrong finish, and so on. If the customer is wanting to preserve a family favorite, or high-end piece, they will require a higher grade of craftsmanship to meet their expectations than those customers who select a shop by price only. When choosing a furniture store to restore your heirloom, you should consider their reputation, the atmosphere and the upfront written order.

First, Ask for Recommendations.

People used to rely on their neighbors, relatives and friends for finding a place to restore their pieces. When they are praising a certain furniture restoration shop, you are more likely to trust their service. So, getting help from others, especially recommendations, is important in the decision-making process. Looking at the reviews on Google and Facebook also help gauge what people outside of your circle are saying. In the buyer’s decision process, a business with more than a 3.5-star rating is considered trustworthy. When looking at the reviews, see how many people have left a review. The best furniture restoration service will usually have the word-of-mouth reputation and reviews to back up their assertions. A shop with satisfied customers is more likely to keep you happy, too.

Location, Location, Location

A well-designed website goes a long way in answering a lot of your questions. However, websites can be misleading, so we suggest to physically visit the shop. A prominent location and work shop indicates a serious investment of the owner, for the present and future. When you walk in, it should have an atmosphere of pride. Examples of their craftsmanship, both in pictures and samples, is another good indication of their reliability. Plus, this allows you to create a custom piece and full awareness of the work they can do. If you have a wooden bed frame that you want restored, make sure the shop shows examples of the finish types, matte, satin and gloss sheens, and different stains, making the wood grain clear and distinct rather than opaque. If you’re looking for reupholstery, samples of firm, medium or soft cushions, including the different styles and fillings, should be available for you to try out and view.

Location is important to consider, too. Where is the service located? Is it prominent or hidden? Is the shop organized or in chaos? If your project needs to be hauled, how do they do it, in an enclosed truck or an open one? A protective truck for transporting furniture is a stronger indication of pride in craftsmanship than an open pickup.

Paperwork and Payment

Other considerations are around the details in the estimate paperwork and how much the furniture store is asking as a down payment to restore your piece. Many shops require a 50% down payment or more, but later, will forget about your order. A lower down payment would indicate a more reliable furniture restoration service. To ensure the work is covered, the details about what you want done to your piece should be written in the estimate paperwork. As you review the written order, make sure it is not too vague.  Simply writing “reupholster” or “refinish” leaves too many grey areas. The more specific about the selected cushion, filling, stain, finish and fabric you desire, the less chance for disappointment with the completed order. In addition, a disclosure or a procedure in how they settle dissatisfaction should be discussed and be provided in the paperwork.

To us, the most important quality to have in a furniture restoration store is pride in their craftsmanship. When the shop flaunts their work proudly, then you know you can count on them for delivering quality restoration. At Furniture Werks, we want to ensure our customers that their family heirlooms are in well-crafted, gentle hands. That’s why we follow these guidelines to a “T” and give you piece in mind with our 100% Satisfaction Warranty.

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