Heirloom Child’s Rocker

Our customer wanted to display the family heirloom as part of her room décor and provide a fun chair for her grandkids when they visit.

As you can see in the before picture, it had been well used. We removed the old fabric and padding and tightened the frame. The wood rockers were refinished to compliment the new fabric. While padding out the frame and applying the new fabric we altered the style slightly to eliminate the need for nail heads.

The rocker is ready to welcome any grandchildren over the holidays and looks good even when they’re not visiting!

1 thought on “Heirloom Child’s Rocker”

  1. Patricia E Jackson

    Hi Lou, I thought you did not do reupholstering – just refinishing. My daughter has a chair she wants redone and we already have the fabric (good quality). How should we proceed to have you reupholster this chair?

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