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Best Practices for Painting Outdoor Furniture

The weather breaks and people start thinking about setting up their patio furniture, only to discover winter has peeled or scuffed the paint. This is the time of year for a fresh coat. Although any coating will do, proper preparation and paint selection will keep your outdoor furniture looking flawless for years longer. Here’s how to properly paint your outdoor wood furniture and what to consider before you start.

Take Time to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for Painting

Before painting, preparation is key for several reasons. The new coat must have the best adhesion to the existing surface. If not, the refreshed paint will peel away within a year or two. In addition, paint will only make imperfections — cracks, dents, or holes — even more prominent.

The first step of proper preparation is to wash the surface with a liquid trisodium phosphate soap. It is a heavy-duty cleaner with the ability to de-gloss paint, free the surface of flaking, peeling areas, and remove surface soil. Next is scuffing and sanding the entire surface. The smoothness of the surface determines if the furniture needs a small amount of roughening or removing all the old finish down to the bare wood. Performing this step allows the new coat of paint to stick better to the surface underneath it.

The Preferred Choice of Paint for Long-Lasting Color

Your best bet for long lasting paint is alkyd enamel. This type of paint is made of alkyd resins in a chemical solvent. It dries as the solvent base evaporates, leaving behind the alkyd resins to cure as they air dry and oxidize. The result is a hard, scratch-and water-resistant surface.

Spraying paint is quicker than brushing, but it has drawbacks, including longer prep and cleanup time, using more paint than necessary, overspray, difficulty touching up, and a significant learning curve. We recommend brushing the paint onto your outdoor wood furniture instead of spraying for optimal results.

Why You Should Let a Professional Repaint Your Outdoor Furniture

Having a professional take care of your outdoor furniture may be the preferred option if you are short on time, don’t have the supplies, or are unexperienced. Our craftsman will deliver a quality flawless finish to your liking. When you choose to have your outdoor furniture painted by us, the reward is knowing that the end product is done right the first time. Our 100% Satisfaction Warranty guarantees it. Let us refresh your outdoor patio furniture so it can stand up against the elements better and last longer. Contact us to get an estimate or learn more about our services.

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