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Be Aware of Tip-Prone Furniture When Making Furniture Choices

Thousands of families tell unfortunate stories of a dresser or bedroom nightstand tipping over onto their child. Some pieces, when the drawers are opened, are prone to tip forward, causing the entire case to fall, and potentially injuring a child, or worse. I am well aware of this danger as a similar incident happened to my two year old grandson. He was picking out a bedtime book from his nightstand and it started to topple over him. Luckily, I was close enough to prevent it from falling over. There are a few ways to help stabilize these bedroom nightstands and dressers.

Secure the Nightstand or Dresser to the Wall

One proposed solution is to secure the tip-prone piece to the wall the furniture piece is backed up to. However, this solution is not for everyone. Just as we are not math experts or scientists, there are many people that would find it difficult to properly fasten a fixture to a wall.

Pass the STURDY Act for Manufacturing Standards

Another solution is to create manufacturing standards for these pieces, because, currently, there are no mandatory standards for these types of furniture. Consumer Reports has been urging readers to contact their government representatives to pass the STURDY Act. This bill would require the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to create a mandatory safety standard for all dressers and clothing storage units manufactured or sold in the U.S.

Personally, I don’t know how the construction of newer dressers and nightstands has changed to make them more likely to tip over, but I do know that older designed dressers and nightstands have not been reported to have this problem. So, my suggestion to you is to shop carefully for furniture. Try the drawers and see if the piece is prone to tipping before buying. You can read more about what to look for in new piece in Is Quality Furniture Worth the Price?

Shop Secondhand for More Durable Furniture

If a budget is a concern, then try shopping for older pieces of furniture that don’t tip over. In the past several years, resale shops have sprung up where you can find quality furniture at affordable prices. I suggest looking for real old bedroom furniture, even if you don’t like the style or color. Our craftsmen can fix that. Get a feel for its sturdiness, pull out the drawers and see if the piece is stable. Explore my tips on how to tell secondhand furniture is a quality piece here.

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Now that you know the difference a piece of quality furniture can make, bring your piece to Furniture Werks and make it your own with a new finish or updated style. Our 100% Satisfaction Warranty guarantees you will be happy with our work. With careful shopping, our reputable craftsmanship and a bit of patience, you will find a better and safer piece.


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