Corner Desk Salvaged

Sometimes people wonder if damaged pieces are salvageable. This corner desk was one such piece. It suffered from water damage – loose veneer, warped wood, missing trip pieces, drawer fronts off their drawers, damaged finish.

After stripping the remaining finish, restoration began. We replaced any frame wood too damaged for repair, reglued and stabilized the entire case and replaced missing trim and damaged veneer. Instead of replacing the entire veneer on both sides, we decided to make base trim to cover the extensive damage along the lower edges. Fabricated to look like an extension of the front trim you would almost think it original to the piece.

The original leather top was embossed with gold that would have been lost if refinished. Taping off the leather protected it from the stripping and refinishing chemicals. Testing revealed we could apply a coat of finish to rejuvenate the old worn finish and make the embossed leather come alive.

A unique piece, this desk will give enjoyment for many, many years.

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