A Bowing Buffet from Beverly Shores

For years, this buffet piece was part of our customer’s family’s dining room suite. Though it looks as though nothing was significantly wrong, the center drawer on the top would not close properly. When we took a closer look, we noticed two legs, one on each corner, held the buffet. Since the legs were so far apart, they were not supporting the weight appropriately and created a bowing effect down the center, causing the top drawer to not close or fit. 

We added two new, pre-made mahogany wood legs that were closer to the center to support the case and eliminate the bow. Art had to modify both the case and the top of the legs, so they would not only support the weight, but also look as though the legs were there originally. After our repair and refinishing process, the buffet piece returned home in Beverly Shores, Indiana with a fully functional top drawer. 






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