Used Furniture

In today’s economy, used furniture can be a super cost effective way to furnish a starter apartment. But it can be a difficult chore to determine a good buy. Furniture like other hard goods, depreciates horribly after it leaves the store, even high end pieces. Before you go to flea markets and garage sales, do your home work first so you can recognize good bargains.

Go to the furniture stores, high end and low priced, both. Ask about the features of the different pieces. Look at the woods and construction. You should be able to see the difference and recognize features. Next go to the used furniture stores and antique malls. If two pieces are similar in looks, but have a price difference, study each piece to know why.

Now you are ready to hit the garage sales. Hopefully you will be able to recognize a very good piece at a huge savings from buying new. Remember that quality furniture can retain its useful functionality many times over the expected life of lower priced new.