Glass Tops

Glass Tops And Their Benefits

A number of customers like to have glass tops for end tables, dressers, and even desks. The glass does an excellent job of protecting against spills, both water and chemical from damaging the finish. Glass also prevents scratches from getting on the surface.
When ordering a glass top, you will be asked for thickness. Let the glass store tell you the thickness that will work best given the size of your top and the use you expect it to see. You will want all edges to be polished, and corners rounded to prevent against potential injury. Most glass stores will offer small disks to go between the glass and the finished top. This is to allow for a small amount of air circulation necessary to keep condensation from getting trapped under the glass and damaging the finish. While clear plastic disks are popular, I prefer cork disks. Plastic at times will stick to the finish, causing damage.
I have yet to observe cork disks causing finish damage!