Common Questions Regarding Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Furniture Refinishing

How much will my furniture increase in value when the project is completed?
Refinishing an antique piece does affect it’s dollar value. Pieces destined to a museum or those in demand by collectors should not be refinished. Bear in mind that the purpose of a finish is two-fold. Foremost, it must protect the wood from the damaging effect of any type of soil and moisture. Secondly, a finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood, letting one enjoy it visually. When a finish is so worn that it is flaking off, or so aged and dark that the grain cannot be seen, then it’s time to consider refinishing.

For example, Dad obtained his roll top desk about 1949. It was well used. Over the years, it darkened considerably. The finish wasn’t worn, just dark and to me, ugly. I refinished it to it’s natural state and now use it daily. It is far more valuable to me this way and I will never sell it. It will be passed on to someone in my family when I am gone.

How does refinishing affect antique value?
Furniture resale value will not increase equally as it is restored. The value to you is the increased useful life we are able to give to a piece.

What stripping method do you use for refinishing projects?
We use a commercial quality finish and paint remover that is safe for woods. It does not change the natural aged color of the wood or patina. We do not use water in our removing process.

Can I get a more durable finish for my furniture?
There is no such thing as a perfect finish, just tradeoffs when choosing one finish from another. Generally speaking, our finishes are more durable than many original finishes. They have a better than average scratch and moisture resistance. We feature a pre-catalyzed lacquer, just a bit less durable than a kitchen cabinet grade finish. Other finishes are available as the needs dictate.


What kind of fabric selection do you offer?
At last count, we have over 15,000 patterns and colors available, including natural leathers. Most of our selections come from the Designer Showrooms of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Will you work with fabric I’ve already picked out?
It is not necessary to purchase fabric from us for your upholstery project. However, there is sometimes a fee for working with your fabric, known in the trade as C.O.M., Customer’s Own Material. This is because we have to take extra measures to double check your fabric for flaws and quantity before we can start your project.

Furniture Werks Delivery

Do I have to bring my furniture to you?
We offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery service for our customers. Cost is based upon the item being delivered and total travel distance. Local service is usually no charge, while a pick-up and delivery to Chicago typically runs $300. When possible, we try to schedule several stops in the same area to keep costs down. For a more precise quote, please contact us.

Where is Furniture Werks located?
Our address is 4980 West U.S. 20 in Michigan City, Indiana. For local inquires, we are about four miles west of Marquette Mall. For those not familiar with the area, we are between U.S. 421 and IN 49. U.S. 20 is about a mile north of I-94. Click here for maps and directions.

What are Furniture Werks’ store hours?
We are open 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday through Thursday, and 8:30AM to 4:00PM Friday – We are closed weekends and major holidays.