Chicago Area Upholstery Repair

We Carry Top Named Fabric Suppliers

Traditional Upholstery Service

Our Upholstery team services Chicago, SW Michigan, and all of Northwest Indiana. We even Pick it Up!

Traditional upholstery service starts with complete removal of all preexisting fabric. The frame joints are tightened (as needed) with glue and screws and new padding is added, followed by careful tailoring and upholstering of your fabric selection.

Self welt (cording) is generously applied. Its usage contributes to a distinctive custom appearance, as well as giving seams added strength. For those clients who desire a contemporary look with out self welt, we double sew critical seams to maintain seam strength.

As needed, coil springs are rebuilt. We begin with nylon webbing for strength and continue with the traditional 8-way hand tie of the springs.

Armchair Upholstery

If you are sinking too deep into a chair or sofa, we replace the springs with stronger ones. The result: a higher seat deck to support the cushion without the deep sinking.

Have a Unique Upholstery Challenge?

From time to time, we get requests for utilizing our upholstery skills in many different ways for many different purposes… We have found so many solutions for so many different kinds of challenges. So….if you have something different in mind, but are unsure if it can be done, ask and we will do what we can to accommodate you. We take the time to listen.

Updating Cushions

Cushions can be refilled with new firm foam, down, or a combination of foam and down. We have samples of cushion replacement fillings so you can select your ideal comfort level.

Fabric Selection

If you already have fabric, we’ll work with it. If not, our large designer fabric selection in our showroom is sure to have just what you need for your home. Our fabric selection is greater than many upholstery shops and unequalled at the retail level.

Most of the fabric we show comes from the Designer Showrooms of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The lines we currently carry include Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Lee Joffa, Kravet, and Westgate, to name just a few. Browse our sample books, take a few home, then give us the pattern numbers you are considering. We are typically able to deliver larger individual Memo samples to help you make a wise decision; these must be returned our you will be billed. Bring us a picture of the room in which the furniture will be placed, as well as a picture of the furniture to be reupholstered – we’ll be happy to work with you regarding selection.

Upholstery Estimates

Lou is available to make on site evaluations. Simply call or email to schedule an appointment.

During regular office hours, you may bring your pieces to the shop and someone will be there to talk to you about your project. If it’s out of the ordinary, it can be left and after Lou evaluates the piece we will call you with the estimate.

Many people enjoy the convenience of e-mailing pictures of their pieces and having us e-mail the estimate back to them. This works well with most projects. Certain repairs will need to be evaluated either in the shop or by an in-home evaluation. Email you pictures to:

All estimates, excluding those for insurance purposes, are at no charge.

Is It Worth It to Reupholster?

If you are seeking a lower price than a low-priced furniture store offers, then a quality upholstery shop is not for you. Low-priced furniture is achieved with low-priced frames, fabric, and padding. A well-made frame is always a good value to reupholster! In fact, a good frame with a wise fabric selection (properly upholstered of course) can rival or be better than many new products today. Good furniture will perform superbly many years after low-priced pieces have been discarded.