Before and After

Sheet Caned Bar Stool

These bar stools belong to a customer in Valparaiso, Indiana, hoping to use them in her kitchen. Restoring the unraveled webbing takes precision and care. First, we gently removed the old, damaged webbing and replaced it with a sheet cane. Manufactured …

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100 Year Old Sofa

A delicate, white sofa came to us from Valparaiso, Indiana. Our customer, who is nearly 80 years old, remembers sitting on this beautiful sofa when she was five years old with her grandmother. Family heirlooms, such as this one, can …

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Wing Back Chairs

The Chesterton owner of these two wing back chairs had an uncle with a showroom in the Merchandise Mart. These chairs were purchased there in the 1930s or early 1940s. Considered very high end at the time, we preserved the …

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Little White Chair

A customer from Valparaiso brought in this little white chair that once belonged to her grandmother. She wanted it to be as similar as possible to the original. We brought it to life after refinishing the frame and reupholstering the …

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Channel Back Chair

Non-traditional is the way to go with this channel back chair. Our customer attached a great deal of sentimental value to this chair, and trusted us to revamp the chair’s look with new upholstery and refinishing. We added some more …

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Antique Church Pew

This beautiful antique church pew rests on the front porch of a beach home in Long Beach, Indiana. It was brought to us extremely weather worn. We stripped it, sanded the rough edges and refinished it. Several coats of marine …

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Mid-Century Modern Chair

A 1960’s Ed Wormley Dunbar chair belonged to the customer’s father in Three Oaks, Michigan, who sat in it during his childhood. After refinishing the chair, the chrome was polished and the webbing, foam and padding were all replaced. The …

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A Very Old Chaise

In the family for over 100 years, this chaise arrived with badly worn springs from Chesterton, Indiana. The springs were replaced and the cushion refilled so perfectly you can bounce a coin on it. We sewed fabric that closely resembled …

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Small Table

After a thorough stripping and refinishing, we were really able to bring out the warmth and richness of the wood in this well-loved small table for a family from Portage, Indiana.